No sweep for you!

One of the knocks on the Toronto Blue Jays over the past few seasons has been their inability to put together win streaks. This year has been no different. Through the first 11 weeks of the season, the longest win streak the Jays had posted was three games in length — which they have accomplished six times overall this year. Toronto extended that to four games in late June, sweeping the Colorado Rockies at home (June 22-24) and following that up with a win in Minnesota. A month later the club topped that with their longest win streak of the year thus far — a five-gamer from July 21-25 in which they beat Seattle twice and swept the Minnesota Twins at home.

By that time, however, the Boston Red Sox had already put together three separate five-game win streaks. The Sox have also won four in a row twice, and three straight nine times. The New York Yankees, meanwhile, have posted a pair of five-game winning streaks, won six straight on another occasion, and recorded a season-best nine-game winning streak from June 5-14.

ImagesAn issue that runs parallel with lengthy winning streaks, of course, is the ability to put together series sweeps. While the Blue Jays have swept five three-game series (four at home) this year, they have also missed out on four other opportunities. On Thursday night the Blue Jays missed a chance to sweep the Los Angeles Angels, falling 4-3 at the Rogers Centre. The other occasions in which the Blue Jays have won the first two games of a series and failed to close out the three-game sweep include: May 11-13 vs. TB, May 28-30 vs. NY, June 15-17 vs. WAS.

Meanwhile, the Blue Jays have been on the losing end of a three-game series sweep five times as well this season:

April 20-22 @ BAL
May 1-3 @ CLE
May 4-6 @ TEX
May 8-10 @ BOS
June 29-July 1 @ SEA

To compare, in 1992 the Blue Jays recorded seven different three-game series sweeps. They also swept two four-gamers and five more short two-game mini-series. The eventual World Series champs also ran off several big win streaks, including a season-high eight-gamer to open July. The club also posted a six-gamer, a pair of five-gamers and three more win streaks of four games apiece.

The most impressive accomplishment by the Blue Jays during the ’92 regular season was that they managed to go the entire year without being on the losing end of a series sweep. No team had managed that feat since the 1943 Cardinals, and only four other teams had done so in major league history.    


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